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- Announcements -

Introducing your new officers for 2015-16 school year

Date posted: Monday, October 21st, 2015

Happy Midterm Season, scholars!

And even more importantly, happy almost-end-of-the-semester! In this post, we would like to announce and congratulate the new officers for the 2015-16 academic year! Thank you to all the scholars who ran, we appreciate your effort and encourage everyone to apply next year! And now...announcing your officers:

The official cabinet:
   - President: Tina Diep
   - Academic Chair: Hailun Xue
   - Faculty/Mentor Relations Chair: Sam Ng
   - Outreach Co-Chairs: Daisy Lei & Steven Yu
   - Secretary: Brianna Alleyne
   - Social Chair: Ely Orquiza
   - Treasurer: Carmen Zheng
   - Webmaster/Historian: Haile Shavers

AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you the best, productive year! Work to foster a community and make COSA incredible.

Fall 2015 Semester Summary

A quick snapshot of what we have been doing for Fall 2015:

   - In October, we had our COSA telebaers advising night.

   - Also our 15th Anniversary program with Vice Chancellor Harry Le Grande.

   - Throughout the semester, we have been outreaching to the Cal Op partner schools and plan to present at the schools. Schools include: Thurgood Marshall, Burton, Bay Tech School, Oakland Charter School, Galileo, Envision.

Your Officers for the 2015-16 Academic School Year

President: Tina Diep
Webmaster: Haile Shavers
Treasurer: Carmen Zheng
Academic Chair: Hailun Xue
Outreach Co-chairs:
Daisy Lei & Steven Yu
Faculty-Mentor Relations Coordinator: Sam Ng