Who we are: UC Berkeley's faculty established the Cal Opportunity Scholarship in 2000 with the goal of attracting to Berkeley high-achieving students who have overcome challenging socio-economic circumstances. All recipients of the Cal Opportunity scholarship are in the Cal Opportunity Scholars Association (COSA).

Our mission: As the association for the recipients of the Cal Opportunity Scholarship, our mission is to serve as an academic support group on campus by mentoring incoming scholars, building bonds between scholars and faculty members, and working with the Undergraduate Scholarship office to recruit new scholars through the Outreach Program.
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We are a student group acting independently of the University of California. We take full responsibility for our organization and this web site.

      - M e e t      O u r      O f f i c e r s -

COSA's President:

Tina Diep

Year & Major: Third-year; Public Health
About Tina: Hi! My name is Tina Diep, your president for the 2015-2016 year. I am a Junior and a Public Health major. I like to try new restaurants and I hope to donate money to the Calop Scholarship Program in the future!

COSA's Outreach Co-chair:

Daisy Lei

Year & Major: Fifth-year; Cognitive Science & Computer Science double major
About Daisy: I graduated from Galileo Academy of Science and Technology in San Francisco. Although I live across the bay, it was only until a Cal Op Scholar outreached to my class that I had a chance to ask specific questions and feel more familiar with Cal. As an outreach co-chair, I hope to continue to let more students know about UC Berkeley and the Cal Opportunity Scholarship!

COSA's Outreach Co-chair

Steven Yu

Year & Major: Third-year; Molecular Cell Biology major
About Joyce: Hi! My name is Steven Yu, your Outreach Co-Chair for the 2015-2016 year. I am a Junior and a MCB major. I like eating and sleeping and I hope to give back to my community in some shape or form!

COSA's Webmaster/Historian:

Haile Shavers

Year & Major: Second-year; Computer Science major
About Haile: I graduated from Oakland High School, and I am happy to be a student here at UC Berkeley. CalOp gave me the opportunity to pursue higher education. Through the Cal Opportunity Scholars Association (COSA), I met many great people from the Bay Area. As an officer, I hope to give back to the COSA community!

COSA's Academic Chair:

Hailun Xue

Year & Major: Third-year; Cognitive Science major
About Hailun: I graduated from Phillip & Sala Burton High School in San Francisco, CA. COSA not only made coming to UC Berkeley a reality, but it also helped me find a supportive group of people with similar backgrounds. I'm proud to be called a CalOp Scholar!

COSA's Treasurer:

Carmen Zheng

Year & Major: Third-year; Business Administration & Media Studies major
About Carmen: Hi! My name is Carmen, your treasurer for the 2015-2016 year. I am a Junior and a Business Administration and Media Studies double major. I like browsing social media, Event planning, Drinking boba, Swimming, eeting new people, eating sushi, napping, and decorating my planner. I hope to one day get my MBA!

COSA's Faculty-Mentor Relations Officer:

Sandy Chu

Year & Major: Second-year; Economics
About Sandy:

COSA's Secretary:

Brianna Alleyne

Year & Major: Second-year; Legal Studies major
About Brianna: Hi! My name is Brianna(Bri), your secretary for the 2015-2016 year. I am a Sophomore and a Legal Studies major. I like eating ice cream and watching Hulu. I hope to one day go on a cruise and work for the CSI!

COSA's Social Chair:

Ely Orquiza

Year & Major: Third-year; (Insert major) major
About Ely: Hi! My name is Ely, your social chair for the 2015-2016 year. I am a (insert major) major. I like (insert cool stuff (insert future goals)!

                - M e e t     O u r    I n t e r n s -

Kitty Lei

    President's Intern

Nicolie Ng

Treasurer's Intern

Carmela Yabut

Webmaster & Historian's Intern

D'Mani Thomas

Faculty-Mentor Relations' Intern

Maria Leon

Secretary Intern

Lyna Phan

Academic Intern

Jacky Huang

Outreach Intern

Tram Le

Outreach Intern

Netsay Ramos

Outreach Intern

Michale Leite-Garcia

Outreach Intern

Tim Nhingsavath

Outreach Intern

Serena Chen

Social Intern

Elaine Cheng

Social Intern